all in the family.

i’m probably one of the luckiest gals that i have such a tremendous family on both my mom & dad’s sides.  this morning i spoke to my mom & the call began with some sad news.  the kitten that adopted her, my step-dad & their poodle, pepper was hit by a car.  mew started coming around last year when she was just a hungry baby kitten.  she must have lost her mom & siblings on the streets of escondido & was drawn in by the love she could feel emanating from my mom & bill’s home.  this is no strange occurrence, since other pets & people have also adopted our family over the years & we’ve adopted them back with open arms.  the loss of mew makes me think about how lucky i am to have my big  loving eclectic family.  family is not based on blood, it’s based on the connections we make.  even though the loss of this diamondcat is a sad one, it makes me remember how blessed i am to have incredible people in my life, whether it’s family from blood, marriage, friendship or in  the four legged kind. i’m one lucky gal.


one part of my big fabulous family.

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