a hair dresser’s POV

a clean graduated bob.

perfectly sectioned hi lites for summer fun!

things are getting busy at the salon! going lighter & shorter have always been & are some definite trends for summer time. i love change! all my friends & family can attest to that since over the years i’ve had hair almost every color and cut.  i may have once even looked like the ultimate diamoncat, the diamondog himself, david bowie!  as a stylist, yes we do all the man work, but sometimes it’s a collaboration of visions & efforts.  here are a few tips from a stylist’s POV to make that salon experience more fulfilling for you!

1.  bring some inspiration!  if you’re ready for a change, having a vision is always the first step. when looking at pictures, look at cuts & color that reflect your actual hair type.  if you have thick curly hair & you’re looking at pictures of girls with fine straight hair, you will be thoroughly disappointed when you walk out of the salon & you don’t look like the picture.

2.  know that we, stylists, are not mind readers!  if you are looking for a huge change, say it!!  we embrace change, but with change needs to be assurance.  i’ve had clients bring in four pictures of long layered cuts & then one picture of a pixie cut they THINK they one day want.  if you’re bringing in that picture because that’s what you really want, you must say it! otherwise there’s going to be some hesitation from the stylist if you’re not ready to go for the gold. my motto is, when it’s gone, it’s gone, so if you’re not mentally prepared for that pixie wait it out until you are. the last thing we want is for you to think we talked you into it & curse our name to the heavens above when you get home!

3.  you are our canvas, sit still!  if picasso was painting that weeping woman in an earthquake, she would REALLY be distraught.  as stylists, we’ve become used to people moving  & working around it, but if you’re looking for the best results possible keeping your head still ensures you’re going to get a cleaner hi light & a more precision hair cut.

4.  product is your friend! on a daily basis i hear “can you just go home with me & do my hair every morning?!”  as much as i would love to do your hair & have you make me breakfast every morning, that’s impossible!  what i can do is give you tips on how to recreate that style at home & product is an essential part.  sometimes all your hair needs are one or two products.  if you’re looking for volume, texture or just something to help with frizz, no matter how i’ve used my blow dryer or other tools, it doesn’t happen without the aid of a specific one or two products. invest in products to help you recreate that look at home!

5.  pre book your next appointment!  on average you should be getting your hair cut and touched up every 6 to 8 weeks.  yes, 6 to 8 weeks.  we all want healthy shiny hair & making sure those ends are split free is the first way to achieve that.  once you get split ends, they just want to creep higher & higher. the ONLY way to avoid that is to cut them off at the source before they even get a chance to work their way up. because you & your stylist are amazingly busy, pre booking your appointment ensures you’re getting in at the time that works best for you and your hair doesn’t go unattended to.

ready?! call your stylist and lets get summer sassy!!

xo, q

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