a great legacy, a great loss, a great life.

yesterday the world lost THE most influential hair dresser of all time. VIDAL SASSOON revolutionized they way woman wore their hair & the way hair dressers cut it today.  he was an inspiration not only to hair dressers but to the world.  the team over at bumble & bumble couldn’t have said it better , “We are deeply saddened to learn of Vidal Sassoon’s passing. An innovator and architect for our craft, he revolutionized hairdressing and elevated the bar for our entire industry. Mr. Sassoon was an immense influence for beauty and fashion in the 20th century and a pop culture touchstone, and we mourn the loss of one of our cherished Hair Heroes.”  at 84, he died peacefully with his family leaving an amazing legacy. my skills are a direct influence of his passion & innovation & i’m forever thankful.  what a life!!!!!


if you’re not familiar with the life & work of VIDAL SASSOON, a must see is VIDAL SASSOON THE MOVIE.  it’s the inspirational story of his life that everyone will feel moved by.  get to it diamondcats!

xo, q

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